If you think you’ll be able to afford internet service in a country, think again.

The cost of internet is expected to rise significantly over the next few years, according to a new report.

While the cost of accessing the internet will remain the same, a new study by The Economist and the Wall Street Journal shows that the countries most likely to struggle are those in the developing world.

In countries where people can’t afford broadband, the amount of time they spend on the internet could be a contributing factor to poorer mental health, lower educational attainment and poorer health, the report found.

For example, a study by the World Bank found that in sub-Saharan Africa, people who spent less than 10 hours a week on the web had a poorer quality of life.

“If you look at countries where broadband access is free or is limited, you see that the poorer you are, the worse you are on many of the measures,” said study co-author David Gartenberg.

The study looked at the costs of accessing and using the internet in 27 countries in sub-, medium- and high-income countries.

The report’s findings, released on Tuesday, are consistent with the findings of previous research that have found that poor people are more likely to be vulnerable to mental health problems.

The researchers found that people who live in countries with high levels of poverty, and in many cases people of color, are more vulnerable to health problems, such as depression and anxiety.

In the study, the researchers compared people in seven countries with the same populations, with different levels of internet access, to people in similar countries without access.

They found that the people with the lowest incomes and the highest levels of deprivation had lower internet access than people in other countries.

“What’s surprising is that we’re seeing a much greater effect of poor people and people of colour in low-income areas,” said Gartberg.

“There’s a large difference between the countries where there’s low internet access and those where there isn’t.”

For example in a study published earlier this year, researchers found the internet was more accessible to people of African descent in countries like Kenya and Tanzania, where internet access is often limited.

The authors also looked at how different countries fared on a range of measures of mental health and wellbeing.

The results showed that countries with poor access to internet were significantly more likely than others to have people with mental health conditions like depression and major depressive disorder, according the report.

In other words, people in countries that have poor internet access have a higher risk of developing these conditions, and that’s because internet access may be less accessible in the country.

“The fact that access to broadband may be restricted in certain places is a concern,” said co-lead author Christopher Jorgensen.

“This is a very important factor because the data suggests that it’s not just poor people that are affected.”

The report also highlighted the potential for the impact of the internet to be worse for people with disabilities.

While disability-related online activity is relatively rare, the study found that internet access was more prevalent among people with a disability than those without.

In this way, the findings could be used to push the government to introduce a policy that encourages internet access for people living with disabilities, or to create incentives for internet users to get their communications into the hands of people who are disabled, like those with disabilities or other disabilities.

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