Medical professionals are increasingly becoming aware of Zika virus as a potential risk to patients, particularly pregnant women, and are increasingly asking questions about how to talk with their doctors about a Zika diagnosis, according to a new survey.

More than half of health care professionals polled said they are becoming more concerned about Zika, a condition that can cause mild to severe illness and can cause symptoms ranging from mild fever to joint pain, headaches and muscle aches.

A second survey of health professionals found that more than one-third of those surveyed are concerned about the spread of Zika in their state.

The survey by the Public Health Foundation of America, conducted Feb. 10-14 among more than 400 U.S. health care providers, found that nearly all respondents (92 percent) said they have discussed Zika with their physician about Zika diagnosis.

The survey also found that 43 percent of health providers said they had shared a Zika case with their doctor.

About a quarter of health workers (23 percent) say they have been informed about Zika by a doctor, and more than two-thirds (67 percent) of health practitioners say they were informed by a health care provider who was diagnosed with Zika.

The Public Health Federation of America said the survey was among the first to examine whether health care practitioners are aware of a potential Zika infection risk, and it was conducted after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced in February that there are more than 1,000 confirmed Zika cases in the U.

Alfred, who also worked as a doctor at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine in Milwaukee, said in a statement.

The survey asked more than 5,000 health care workers how they handle a potential diagnosis of Zika.

Only 18 percent said they would contact their doctor about it, and 13 percent said their doctor would ask if they needed a test.

About a quarter (24 percent) would talk to a physician or other health care professional about the potential Zika risk, the survey said.

About half of all health care respondents (49 percent) are aware that the virus can be transmitted to people who have sex with people who are infected with Zika, and nearly half (47 percent) have discussed their own risk of Zika with a partner.

The findings suggest that health care officials and health care staff are taking Zika seriously, said Dr. Jana Lipscomb, a public health epidemiologist and associate professor of health policy at Vanderbilt University.

“We’re seeing this as an epidemic, and that the risk is very high,” Lipscom said.

The CDC is conducting a similar survey with nearly 4,000 people, the organization said.

More than 1 million Americans have been infected with the Zika virus, including nearly 3,500 people who were born to infected women.

There is no vaccine or cure for the virus, but the virus is not transmitted through mosquito bites, nor can it be transmitted via blood transfusions.

According to the CDC, the virus has spread to more than 200 countries and territories in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

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