In the early hours of Wednesday morning, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on the suicide of an American who worked as a social media manager at Cox Communications, a company that provides internet and phone service to Britain’s three largest telecommunications providers.

The BBC’s English language coverage of the death of Daniel Deutsch included an interview with a woman who was among Cox’s employees.

The interview aired in its entirety on Wednesday morning.

The woman, identified only as Ms. B, told the broadcaster that Cox employees had discussed how to deal with Deutsch’s suicide on the company’s website.

“There were many threads in the discussion and one thread involved Daniel Deffenbs thoughts on how he felt after he had made his decision to end his life,” she told the BBC.

Deutsch had joined Cox in April 2016, and his employer had not publicly announced his suicide, but he had written a blog post describing how he planned to die, and Cox had made plans to remove his personal data from Cox’s servers.

The company did not respond to BuzzFeed News’ request for comment about the interview with Ms. Deffenb, who said she had not yet heard from Cox.

The death of Deutsch marks the latest in a series of suicides by British employees, which have included suicides by police officers, teachers, and members of the public.

Cox said that it had suspended Deutsch for “a number of months” following the suicide, and that Cox’s “long-standing policy is to protect our employees from bullying.”

But the company has not released details of how Deutsch died or the cause of his death, and it has not confirmed that the suicide was connected to his work at Cox.

BuzzFeed News reached out to Cox Communications for comment on the incident but did not receive a response.

Deberts suicide also highlights the increasing number of deaths that occur across the US as tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google struggle to keep up with the ever-expanding data demands of the internet age.

According to data compiled by Bloomberg Intelligence, the number of people killed by technology-related violence reached its peak in 2016.

In 2017, more than 500 people died in such incidents.

Dechs death follows the suicide on Sunday of an Uber driver in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who took his own life after he was ordered by Uber to shut down the car service for three hours.

Uber has since announced it is suspending the driver’s account indefinitely.

In 2018, a man who was working at a tech company in Austin, Texas, died after a dispute with the company over the way he was paid.

The man was a veteran Uber driver who had been working for the company for five years.

In September, a woman in Ohio killed herself after she was allegedly threatened by a tech recruiter for an internship program.

The recruiter allegedly asked her about her employment history, including whether she had been fired, and she responded by saying she had.

The Ohio Department of Labor and Industry confirmed that a person in her position had been threatened by recruiters for the program, which offered paid internships in some cities.

“It’s really sad to hear of a young woman’s death because the world is so much better,” the company said in a statement.

“We are heartbroken by this news and deeply saddened by the woman’s actions.”

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