Posted September 12, 2018 01:02:38 In an effort to understand the planet’s changing weather, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (ABS) is launching an astronomy telescope in Tasmania.

The telescope is designed to be a one-stop shop for skywatchers to photograph and track the changing landscape around the world.

A new $1.6 million telescope, the Astrophotograph (Astronomical Telescope), will be launched by the Bureau in January 2019.

It will be located at the Tasmanian Observatory at Mount Gambier.

The telescope will provide the ABS with unprecedented data on the planet as it changes over the course of the year.

“We are thrilled to be able to use the Astronomical Observatory for the first time,” Dr James Fenton, the manager of the Australian Centre for Astro-photography at the University of Tasmania, said.

Astronomy telescopes are able to see over the horizon to a range of distances, but only up to about 70 per cent of the sky.

The rest of the planet is covered by a thin layer of dark, dust-filled clouds.

“The telescope’s primary function is to map the stars in our sky in the time it takes to take a photograph, but we can do that much more with a much wider range of data than a simple star map can,” Dr Fenton said.

“It’s the combination of observing and mapping that allows us to map what the planet looks like over time.”

The telescope uses infrared light to determine the shape of stars, and it can also measure the distance to the Sun, which is measured in astronomical units.

The telescope’s unique infrared camera will be able measure the brightness of stars to a depth of 10 metres.

“We hope the telescope will allow people to better understand the world around them, and the changing seasons that occur over the Tasman.

We will also have a much clearer view of the atmosphere,” Dr Jules Van Gelder, the ABS’ director of astronomy, said in a statement.”

With an additional $400 million over the next four years, the telescope could potentially provide information on the changing temperatures and atmospheric conditions in the Northern Hemisphere and the Tasman, providing better insight into our planet’s climate.”

In addition to its infrared telescope, Australia is also planning to install the first satellite-based telescope to study the atmosphere of Venus.

Dr Fenton told the telescope would be able provide unprecedented data.

“You will have an opportunity to see all the planets in the solar system in a new way,” he said.

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