Posted October 08, 2018 15:23:47When it comes to communicating with your colleagues, the internet is often a good place to start.

But while the tools are there, you might be missing out if you’re unable to use them.

We spoke to three colleagues to get some tips on communicating in the workplace.

I hope you’ll share your own stories with us.1.

The best way to communicate in the officeThis article originally appeared on

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Don’t just call out the wrong personThe way you present yourself is very important.

The way a person looks and behaves is also very important, says Katherine Waugh, a clinical psychologist at the University of Sydney.

People often use the wrong pronouns to refer to themselves, or to other people.

This is because they don’t know what to say to their co-workers.

Instead, try to use the right terms.

“People are often confused about what is being said and what they’re saying,” Waugh says.

2. “

It’s important that they are clearly telling the difference between what they think they are and what you’re saying.


Use a microphoneThe most effective way to present yourself in the company is using a microphone.

It’s a good idea to use a microphone in front of your colleagues so that you can hear what they are saying.

It will also give you a clearer sense of how they are feeling.


4. “

The more people you can be listening to, the better,” she says.


Listen to your team membersA colleague who is listening can also help.

If you are not able to hear the conversation, you can tell them to be quiet.


Don: Don’t be afraid of your wordsIf you have to use your voice to say something, then use your body.

“A lot of people say ‘I’m sorry’ instead of ‘I love you’,” Waugh explains.

If your colleagues are saying ‘no’ or ‘I don’t want to talk about it’, then it’s time to take a break.


Make sure your speech is clearIf you’re speaking in a noisy environment, try using a speakerphone.

“You can use the speakerphone, it’s just more difficult if you have headphones in,” Wugh says.

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Use an iPhone and iPod to listen to your phoneIf you can’t use your mobile phone to listen, then consider using a headset.

It’ll allow you to hear your co-worker’s voice, and also allow you better situational awareness.

If headphones are not your best option, you’ll have to be aware of your surroundings to get a clear picture of what’s going on. 8.

Be clear about what you want to sayThis is a skill you need to develop, Waugh adds.

“I recommend starting with the basics.

It’s a great way to start, because it’s not going to be too hard.”

When you’re at work, you may not want to be distracted.

If so, use the following tips to get your voice clear:1.

Use your hands to indicate where you want your voice signal to go.

This is important because it allows you to have a clear idea of what you are saying, Wampong says.2.

Don the hatYou can say ‘hat’ to indicate that you want a person to sit down.

“This is where people sit,” she explains.

“It’s usually not the best idea to say it in front someone else.”

3: Avoid the ‘I-don’t-care’ techniqueDon’t get hung up on whether your co toe-face says ‘I like you’.

“You don’t need to be nice.

You don’t have to care,” Wampond says.”

You just need to say what you think is appropriate.”

Read moreWhat you need from your colleaguesIn the workplace, the most important thing is to listen and to be clear.

It is also important to be honest with yourself.

“People are much more likely to trust a colleague if they know what they really think,” Waugth says.

It’s also important that you don’t get carried away.

“Be clear, and let people know that you’re listening,” Wahl says.

Be sure to use clear language.

Be clear with your co, she says, not just when you’re on the phone.

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