By the time the election is over in November, the fight over what to do about Donald Trump’s presidency will be a far bigger battle than it was before.

The Republican Party, the country’s oldest and largest political force, is in desperate need of an electoral victory to regain the confidence of its voters, and it’s increasingly clear that a Trump victory would lead to a massive and potentially destructive backlash.

If the GOP is to make gains in November at all, it will need to be clear about the way it plans to respond to Trump’s rise and the damage it could inflict on the country.

That means fighting to preserve and defend the constitutional rights of speech and assembly, and fighting to defend the freedom of expression, the right to protest and the right of people to assemble and speak freely.

And that means fighting for the right not just to express your opinions, but to act on them, even when those opinions could threaten the lives of others.

It will be important to remember that the Founders who drafted the First Amendment in 1787 believed that speech was a fundamental human right.

They didn’t believe that free speech should be restricted, they believed that it should be open to all people to express their opinions and to share their thoughts and feelings.

That’s why the framers, who believed that government should never have the power to dictate what we say or what we write, created the First and Fourth Amendments to the Constitution.

The framers understood that there was a line between free speech and the kind of speech that would threaten our safety and that would put our society in danger.

They understood that the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments, the constitutional guarantees that protect the free exercise of the right, must be respected.

And, if Trump is elected president in November and his presidency continues on his current trajectory, we will have to confront the realities of our time.

We will face a Trump administration that will do anything to undermine or suppress the First amendment and to silence dissent and free expression.

It will do so with the full knowledge and consent of its leaders.

We will have a Republican president who will use every legal tool at his disposal to shut down free speech, including executive orders and executive orders to enforce the unconstitutional immigration law that Trump signed.

We’ll have a president who won’t even defend his own actions or his policies against lawsuits brought by the media, the civil rights organizations, the attorneys general of the states, and other groups that challenge them.

We’ll have Trump in the White House.

And we’ll have the media and our elected officials in the Trump White House who will work hand in glove to silence any dissent or criticism of his policies and to suppress any dissent from the American people.

We can’t do that.

And so the fight for free speech is not just an American fight, it’s a global fight.

And the fight against the Trump administration will require us to stand together and resist Trump and his agenda to limit the First or the First Amendments.

In that fight, we need to stand up for the First as the founding fathers intended, the freedom to speak and to publish and the freedom from government interference.

We must protect our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, assembly, association and religion.

We must stand up to any government attempts to limit our First or First Amendment freedoms.

We need to defend those rights and freedoms as they’re protected by the Constitution, the First-Amendment guarantee of freedom of religion, and the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

We need to protect the First.

We can’t stand by and watch as the Trump Administration puts America at risk of an existential threat to our democracy.

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