The US media is ignoring the president’s tweets, even though his presidency is about to come to an end.

That’s according to an analysis of the White House’s Twitter activity by the conservative group Media Matters.

The group has also discovered that the president has been tweeting less than half the time during his presidency, which is down from around 40 percent during the last five years.

According to a chart from the Media Matters data, President Trump tweets between 1,769 times per day and his predecessor, Barack Obama, tweeted 1,567 times per week during the same time frame.

But Trump’s tweeting has dropped since last September, when he was still tweeting more than 400 times per hour.

The president’s tweet volume has been on the rise since he took office, with the president tweeting roughly 5,000 times per minute, or more than twice as many as his predecessor.

During the past year, the president also has taken several direct shots at the media.

In late March, the White Nationalist President tweeted that he would “stop the fake news, fake polls, and fake media, from going on air.”

The next day, he tweeted that the New York Times “must be taken out of business.”

On June 9, he again tweeted that “fake news is the enemy of truth.”

Media Matters also noted that the White President’s Twitter account has been the subject of a number of attacks, including the following: “Donald Trump, you’re a disgrace to journalism.

You’re a total coward and liar.

I hope you go to jail.

You’ll be fired, you’ll be charged, and you’ll spend the rest of your life in prison.

You will be a national disgrace.”

“The media, in particular the mainstream media, have completely failed the American people.

They should be ashamed of themselves,” the president said in a tweet that same day.

The Media Matters analysis was conducted after the White’s tweets about the election and the media’s treatment of the Trump administration were reported by the New Yorker and The Washington Post.

Both stories detailed the way the president had been attacking the media over the past several months.

Media Matters noted that President Trump has been retweeting anti-CNN memes and that he was tweeting nearly four times as much as the previous president.

He also has been using Twitter to promote his own pro-Trump media empire.

“President Trump is using his platform to push his pro-President Trump media empire, which includes the Daily Caller, Breitbart News, Infowars, and Fox News.

President Trump is tweeting about all of these things,” Media Matters President Angelo Carusone said in an interview with The Washington Times.

“The fact that he’s tweeting so much about himself and his brand is really telling, and that’s what’s so disturbing about this.”

Trump’s Twitter habit is also showing up in his daily tweets, which have been more frequently critical of the media than his predecessor’s tweets.

The administration’s tweets have been retweeted more than 1,000,000 time, according to Media Matters, with only one tweet being retweeted over 4,000 days, a day before President Trump was sworn in.

In an interview on Fox News on Monday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump has a “strong relationship” with the media, and he is using the Twitter platform “to communicate with the American public.”

“He’s been using the platform in ways that have been consistent with that relationship,” Spicer said.

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