On Thursday, Twitter announced its plan to expand the number of its employees from 150 to 250, which it said would “support the growth of our media content.”

The company says it plans to hire more people to write for its “new media platform,” and will work with media companies to “accelerate the rapid adoption of content through automated content curation.”

The move follows a decision by Vice Media, one of Twitter’s biggest competitors, to cut 200 jobs in 2016.

But Twitter’s announcement of the hiring spree also has a larger-than-life image attached to it, with the company touting its new hires as a part of its “media team.”

It also has the ability to hire journalists to cover its newsroom, which means that Twitter could theoretically increase its number of employees by hiring more journalists than it currently does. 

The company says that its hiring spree will allow it to focus on the most important aspects of its business, and that it will continue to “advance the core business of news by investing in journalism.”

But, as Quartz points out, “the company is likely not planning to increase its hiring from 150 employees to 250 full-time staff.” 

As Quartz explains, the number Twitter is planning to hire is a drop in the bucket when compared to the number it currently has. 

But it’s also true that Twitter has a long history of hiring people with relatively low salaries.

The company is currently employing only about 30 people, according to Quartz.

The site has recently added more than 100 journalists, but its hiring of the 200 people who are being considered for the new media position is more than double the number that the site has currently employed.

If Twitter were to increase the number for the newsroom from 150 people to 250 employees, it would likely have to do so by hiring a large number of journalists.

But if the company is aiming to hire even more journalists, it might not be able to get the job done.

As Quartz points the problem at the organization’s management.

“This is very hard to overcome for people who feel that they’re doing the right thing.””

Many of them feel like they’ve been given an opportunity to build their careers, but instead they’re being told they don’t have a future at Twitter,” the former employee added.

“This is very hard to overcome for people who feel that they’re doing the right thing.”

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