When you’re a new customer, your first question is usually: ‘How did you hear about us?’, followed by ‘What can we do for you?’ and ‘What do you want to hear?’

This is all well and good, but what about when you’re the one who’s the target?

Here are the key ways you can use language to convey information effectively, so that you’re both getting what you want and being heard.


The ‘big picture’ language Use the words ‘bigpicture’ and ‘big’ to describe the big picture of your company.

They’re often used together to give you a general idea of what’s going on in the world of communication, which will help you get a better idea of how your company works.

If you use a broad-brush approach to describing your business, it might feel like you’re making too much of a statement, but using these two words will help put a picture of the company in your head and help you understand what’s really going on.

‘Big picture’ is also a very effective way of explaining what your company does, as you’ll be able to understand how you can help customers by being more efficient.

It also means you’ll understand what customers really want, so you can effectively communicate their needs and concerns.


Using ‘buzzwords’ to get your message across Use the buzzwords in your emails or text messages.

These can be as simple as ‘we have a great idea’, ‘this is a great way to get people to use your service’ or ‘here’s a great link to help you learn more about our company’.

They’ll also work if you’re using them in your pitch.

‘Buzzwords’ can also be used to create your own ‘campaign’ or even ‘campaign email’.

They help you communicate your brand better and they can also help you sell more products.

‘Campaign emails’ are very effective when it comes to getting people to spend money on your products.

They’ll get them to purchase more and they’ll help you stand out in the market.


Using emoticons and hashtags to communicate your message Emoticons and hashtagged terms are a great medium for conveying information.

Emoticon is an acronym for ’emotion’, meaning ’emotional content’.

‘Tag’ is another one that can be used for this purpose, as it is a word that indicates ‘this’, ‘a link’, ‘an image’, ‘video’ or similar.

The more emoticons you use, the more likely you’ll end up using hashtags in your messages, as they’re easy to read and easy to associate with certain phrases.

It’s important to use hashtags correctly as they can confuse people and make them think you’re talking about things they shouldn’t.


Using the words of your customers in your sales pitches If you’re trying to persuade your customers to spend more money, they might be confused by the language you use.

They might also be confused when you use the word ‘value’, which can be confusing for them.

Using words like ‘value’ and phrases like ‘you’ll save money, this is a bargain’, can help you make them understand how much they’re paying for your services.

‘Value’ is an important word to understand in any marketing communications as it indicates the quality of your service, and it’ll also help your customers understand how it differs from the prices you’re charging.


Using common terms to describe your products In order to get the most out of your business email, you need to understand the terms and phrases that people are using to talk about your products, and how they think they should act in your marketing campaign.

The best way to understand these terms and terms is to create a list of them and ask your customers which terms and which phrases they’re using.

This will help create a vocabulary that you can apply to your own messaging and marketing campaigns.

‘Larger’ means bigger, ‘more expensive’ means more expensive and ‘more complicated’ means a bit more complex.

It can also include ‘large’ and its derivatives, ‘large’, ‘small’ and others.

This can be an effective way to help your audience understand how your products compare to other brands and products.


Using your own keywords in your email The words you use to describe yourself and your company will also help make your messaging more effective, as this can give you an idea of who your customers are and what their expectations are.

Here are some of the most common keywords that can help with your marketing: brand name – this is the brand name that your brand is associated with.

For example, ‘biggest company in the US’ or, ‘the biggest company in Asia’.

This will give you some indication of what your brand’s reputation is and will help give you ideas of what customers want to see when

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