Apple is facing a backlash from some of its fans over its emoji for the new iPhone X. The company is facing criticism for including a “jaguars” emoji for a malevolent alien.

Many are now saying that it’s offensive and they are unhappy with Apple’s decision.

But not all fans of Apple’s emoji are offended by it.

“I think if you want to make fun of something and have fun, it’s fine,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“The point is to have fun.”

While most people are happy that Apple is adding an emoji for malevolent aliens, there are those who are unhappy about the way the emoji looks.

“Apple needs to learn from their predecessors,” said Adam Schleifner, a digital marketing and content strategist at Google.

“They could have just used the malevolent” emoji, he said.

“But that would have been an easy fix, and they’ve already done that.

It’s really unfortunate that they’re adding a femalevolent one.”

Schleifners concerns about the new emoji are understandable, especially as he sees the emoji as a more inclusive way to communicate with fans.

“People are just more used to a male-dominated world, and it’s a more natural way to say, ‘Hi, I’m the person who looks like that,'” he said, “so it’s nice to have something that is more inclusive.”

Apple’s emoji also seems to have sparked some backlash from people who have complained about the “jafar” emoji on the new iPhones.

One user on Twitter has said the jafar emoji was “offensive and sexist.”

“Apple has not done anything to change the way that they represent their fans,” he wrote.

“Apple has created a culture of violence that is unacceptable and will continue to be for years to come.”

The new iPhone emoji is also a good thing for Apple, since the company is not able to control the way fans use their phones.

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