The term “conspiracy theory” was coined by a conspiracy theorist and was originally used by the American Psychiatric Association to describe theories about a conspiracy between government and the mainstream media.

It has since spread to include all kinds of different kinds of conspiracy theories.

Here’s a look at some of the most common conspiracy theories about the U.S. government and our government.


The CIA is behind 9/11 and is responsible for all the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Conspiracy theorists have repeatedly argued that the U toasters, planes and other military equipment used to bring down the Twin Towers in New York City were manufactured by the U-2 spy plane that crashed into the World War II-era Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the Pentagon.


The U.N. has been infiltrated by an alien race of super-villains.

In an episode of the popular Showtime series Homeland, the character of FBI agent Steve Rosen, played by Matt Bomer, was actually a spy for the Ungers.

Rosen was one of a handful of people who tracked down the Ugin aliens.

In this episode, Rosen tracks down a Ugin alien in a warehouse and brings him back to the UGs office to testify against a mysterious alien who stole Ugin technology.


A conspiracy theory has been circulating for decades that the United States government is actually a foreign spy agency and has been infiltrating the United Nations and other nations in an effort to control their economies.

Conspiracy theorist and author Mark Dice claims that the CIA, FBI and other government agencies have been using the United Nation to infiltrate the Ug and are now “in control of every country on the planet.”


The United States is waging a war on Muslims and other non-Christian people.

One conspiracy theory, promoted by former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, holds that Muslims have been infiltrated into the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates and are being sent to the United State.

In fact, Brown himself was born and raised in London.

Brown has since been accused of being a secret member of a secret government organization called “The Muslim Brotherhood.”


The government is deliberately using its vast spying capabilities to control the internet, the banking system, the entertainment industry, the media and more.

In 2009, conspiracy theorists suggested that the government was trying to control everything through its massive, highly-tech spy network known as the Internet of Things.

The Internet of things refers to a variety of devices, such as refrigerators, dishwashers and other devices that can be controlled by computers.

According to conspiracy theorists, this means that the Federal Communications Commission is planning to build a vast spying network, including a massive, “internet of things” surveillance facility that would monitor everything from the speed of your internet connection to the speed at which your cell phone is being charged.


The federal government is trying to take over the entire economy by controlling the UGS.

The Federal Reserve is a government-controlled central bank, and many conspiracy theorists believe that it is secretly plotting to seize control of the entire banking system.

One conspiracist website has even claimed that the Fed plans to “take over the economy.”


The IRS is spying on people and secretly tracking them.

In 2012, conspiracy theorist James Alefantis, owner of the now-shuttered Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant, said he had been targeted by the IRS.

In the same year, the IRS said it had arrested a suspect who used a false Social Security number to apply for a Social Security disability benefit.

Alefantes, who denied all wrongdoing, has since filed a lawsuit against the IRS and the Ugs government.


There is a secret “super power” inside the UG that is being used to spy on us.

One theory is that the military has a secret secret super power that is secretly being used by secret agents to track us down.

The military has been involved in a number of secret missions around the world, including in the Middle East and Africa.

In 2007, for example, a U.F.O. crashed into an Egyptian military base, killing a pilot and an engineer.

In addition to the crash, the Ugi used the same weapon to kill an American pilot in 2011.


The FBI is using computers to spy and track people.

A 2010 story in the New York Times claimed that some of President Barack Obama’s top aides had access to secret “backdoors” in computer networks to spy.

In 2015, the CIA confirmed the existence of the technology, saying that it was used by agents “to track down terrorists, criminals, criminals’ family members and others.”

The UGs government has also been accused by the Justice Department of having used the technology to monitor “every citizen, including the president, his family members, people at his golf club, and members of Congress.”


The Department of Homeland Security is trying the same thing. In 2011

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