A Charter Communications is a communications provider that provides a range of services, including high speed Internet access and cable television.

The company has been under pressure from ISPs, which claim Charter’s Internet speeds are slower than those offered by the incumbents.

However, Charter says that its data speeds are more than twice the speed of the Internet offered by ISPs and that it provides “excellent customer service”.

Charter has also come under fire from some politicians, who say that Charter is profiting from the congestion on the Internet.

However Charter argues that congestion is a problem that has been caused by internet speeds.

It also argues that it’s the incumbency’s problem and not Charter’s.

Charter Communications’ CEO, Tom Rutledge, has said that his company has no interest in “taking the high road” and has criticised ISPs for charging more for internet access than they do for cable television, where internet speeds are significantly faster.

Charter is the third-largest cable provider in the US, behind Comcast and AT&T.

It has said it wants to reduce its reliance on cable TV by using its own fibre optic cable network to provide faster internet speeds, and that this would be more cost-effective.

Charter has previously been criticised for offering poor quality service.

However the company has recently been accused of prioritising certain content over others.

Charter had previously been sued for using excessive marketing tactics to sell its own cable TV service.

Charter also faces regulatory scrutiny after it was fined $20m (£12m) for using a $10,000 tax credit to purchase a US subsidiary.

Charter’s new chief executive, John Legere, has previously argued that Charter’s “customer experience” is excellent and that the company’s cable TV services are “the best in the country”.

Charter had been criticised by politicians for offering lower internet speeds than that offered by other providers.

But it has recently faced criticism for its use of “prioritised” content and charging customers more for Internet access.

Charter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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