A few months ago, the Indian press started referring to this year’s first edition of the prestigious Indian Journal of Communication as the Times of Indian Communication.

The title is ironic because in its first edition in January 2016, the paper had published a cover story entitled The Next Generation of Indian Media.

The story was based on a survey carried out by the Times Research Foundation in India.

The report was published in the journal of Communication.

It stated that there is an unprecedented amount of social media and the next generation of Indian media would help the country’s youth reach the next stage of development.

The Times Research report was widely praised by Indian media and was widely shared on social media platforms.

In the last few months, several Indian newspapers have started publishing the survey and the Times has also picked up the story.

However, it has been a tough task for the Times.

“The Times of the Times, which had published the survey, did not respond to repeated requests from The Hindu to get the survey translated into English,” an editor of the newspaper said.

A recent tweet from the Times reads: “Dear readers, we have been trying to get translated the survey into English but we are not receiving the request.”

A similar tweet from an editor at the newspaper reads: “#TranslateTheReport of the @TimesResearchFoundation Survey into English.”

A senior editor at The Times said that he had not received the request to translate the survey but did not think the request was a big deal.

“It is a small amount of money.

It does not change the paper’s position on the survey.

If a paper had to spend over $2 million to translate an entire report, it is not something to be taken lightly.

It is more a compliment to the writer,” he said.

The editor said that a reporter of The Times who did the translation was working on a report about a group of students who had been banned from entering the US.

The reporter was not aware of the survey as it was not part of the paper.

“If a reporter does a report on a group banned from the US, it does not alter the paper,” the editor said.

This is not the first time that the Times had been in touch with the survey after publishing it in the Journal of Contemporary Asian Studies.

In May, the newspaper published a survey on the Indian government’s response to the 2016 floods in the state of Bihar.

The survey asked a number of questions and, after receiving responses from some 1,600 students, it published the results in a report titled “The India-Bihar Agreement: Lessons Learned from the Disaster”.

A copy of the report was posted on Twitter by an editor who was not involved in the translation of the questionnaire.

“I was very impressed by the response and the clarity of the answers.

I asked for a translation of some of the questions in the report.

The paper was very open and open to any comments and suggestions.

The questionnaire was translated into 15 languages, and the results are published in both Hindi and English,” the senior editor said, adding that he was not expecting the response of any other Indian paper to the survey from a media organisation.

“My first reaction was that it is a bit of a joke.

I have never seen anything like it before,” the officer said.

“A few days ago, I sent the survey to the paper and was told that the reply would be in the next few days.

We are waiting for an official response.

The question has been in the paper for a long time and the translation is just an extra step to make it accessible to a wider audience,” he added.

The officer said that the survey was based in part on a questionnaire which was conducted by the Indian Journalists Federation.

The federation did not reply to The Hindu’s requests for comment.

The official response to The Indian Journalism Federation (IJF) survey of the country was released on May 16.

The response by the IJF was published on its website.

The answer from the federation is dated May 17, which is after the publication of the last edition of The Hindu.

The institute has not responded to The Hindustan Times’s requests to comment.

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