The Facebook ads that the company has put on its website appear to be aimed at children, with one video featuring a character with a headband and a face mask.

The video appears to have been created for Facebook’s children’s product campaign, which began on September 20.

However, a copy of the video that the publisher uploaded to YouTube on Friday appears to be in the same style as one made by a German company that was used in an ad that was placed on September 14.

The German company’s ad has been removed from Facebook’s website.

The Hebrew ad has not been removed.

The ads in question appear to show a series of images of people, including children, talking about a certain subject.

The group in the ad is described as a group of “school kids and parents.”

“This video is designed to educate children about the importance of communicating in Hebrew, the language of the Torah,” the group says in the video, which is followed by a video showing an image of an empty classroom and a boy playing a game with a ball.

The Facebook video has been viewed nearly 17 million times and has been shared more than 30,000 times.

Facebook is reportedly also making the ads available on its other platform, YouTube, and a separate YouTube video for its product.

The YouTube video has not yet been removed, but Facebook has posted a link to a “free YouTube video” that shows a clip from an older version of the Hebrew video.

The original version of that video, in which the group was talking about something related to the subject, was shared more about 40,000 time.

The Advertisers’ Association, which represents advertisers, said in a statement that it is “disappointed that Facebook has removed this video from its website, as it is clearly inappropriate for a children’s video.”

“As part of its broader commitment to diversity and inclusion, Facebook takes this issue very seriously,” the statement said.

“We urge Facebook to immediately take down the video and remove the ad from YouTube.”

Facebook declined to comment on the Advertiser’s Association’s statement.

“In our ad guidelines, we have always warned that videos that violate our rules are likely to be removed and we don’t intend to remove the video.

We encourage advertisers to consider how they are targeting their ads in light of these guidelines,” a Facebook spokesperson told The Washington Post.

Facebook also said it would be updating its advertising policies to reflect the ad’s use of the word “Jewish” and to remove images of Jews or “Jewish people.”

Facebook has faced criticism from the Israeli government, including from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has called the ads “anti-Semitic.”

“The ads promoted by Facebook in Israel do not represent the values of our country, which we deplore,” Netanyahu said in September.

“It is time for Facebook to stop spreading lies and disinformation about Israel and Jews.”

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