How do you create a wireless communication system that works and delivers reliable and high-speed Internet to millions of people around the world?

That’s the challenge in a new report from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The report, “The Wireless Internet Solution,” says the new wireless communications technology should be “a simple matter of programming and wiring up a radio transmitter and receiver.”

And since wireless technology is rapidly advancing, the new technology should make its way into military, government and other sectors.

Here are five tips to get you started: 1.

Create a wireless antenna.

2. “

The new wireless technology also can be used for communications between military-type systems and military and civilian users.”


Use a radio antenna.

DoD and DARPA suggest you choose an “armature-based” antenna with a high-gain antenna, such as a band-pass filter.

“Abandon the band-frequencies and transmit with the RF-power of the antenna,” DARPA advises.

The report recommends using a fixed-gain radio antenna, since that’s “more reliable, less expensive, and can provide longer range coverage for a given antenna size.”


Get a receiver.

The Pentagon says “wireless receivers should be reliable and capable of high-quality, reliable, and low-latency wireless communications.

In the future, this will include mobile broadband applications and low power, wireless data services.”


Connect to the Internet.

The new wireless technologies, DARPA says, should allow the military to operate “with an inexpensive, portable, and reliable wireless connection to the world’s population, from military and law enforcement agencies to remote locations and other users.”

The report says the military should also develop “comprehensive systems to provide secure wireless access to the civilian population for military-related purposes.”


Install a transmitter and/or receiver.

You can use a “radio transmitter” that’s connected to a receiver to provide wireless Internet, the DoD recommends.

The DARPA report recommends that the military develop a transmitter that can be connected to “a high-capacity wireless antenna.”

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