New dating app Love-making is on the rise in Australia, with some experts saying it is a new and exciting trend.

What is it?

Love-bonding is when two people meet online and begin to talk about a shared relationship, but are separated by age, relationship stability, or physical boundaries.

How does it work?

Users can make an appointment to meet and chat online.

Once in a relationship, the couple can agree on who will meet the next day.

If a person is separated, they will meet for a short time afterwards.

Love-meeting apps allow couples to meet on the same date and share the love.

What’s the big deal?

Lovemaking is a popular dating activity in Australia and the US, with over 30 million couples meeting online in Australia alone.

“It is very exciting,” Dr Mark Pemberton from the University of New South Wales told ABC News.

“People are really keen on this because they are able to meet people they know, who are actually very close and are going to be there for a while.”

Dr Pembert said people had been waiting for this new type of dating app for a long time.

“We were seeing people in our university community, who had been using online dating apps for years, and it wasn’t as successful as it should have been,” he said.

“So I think the people who were the most excited about this app are people who had seen this in their local area and they were looking to start a relationship.”

What’s the evidence?

Love, dating and relationships in Australia are in the spotlight, with studies showing that online relationships are more reliable than offline ones.

However, the research has yet to be peer reviewed, so there is no conclusive evidence to back up the claim.

What does Love-Meeting say about its users?

Love Meeting says that it has partnered with a range of organisations to create the Love-Making app.

It also says that its data is collected from real people.

What do you think?

Love and relationships are on the up in Australia.

Are you a Love-maker or would you rather have a relationship with someone who is?

Contact Dr Pember, Dr Mark or the ABC’s Dr Mark at [email protected]

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