The Kelownas city of Kelon has an intriguing history.

From its founding in 1777 to its creation in 1889, it was a place of radical reform.

Kelownans were the first to vote in the province’s first election.

The Kelon legislature was the first in Canada to include women.

Kelonans were also the first people in North America to be given the right to vote, the first British Columbia to have a public transit system, and the first women to run for office.

But Kelon’s story is one of social, political and economic transformation.

The city’s transformation into a place where people can live, work, travel, play, shop and even buy alcohol is a story that has been told in books, documentaries and television shows for years.

This history is now being retelld through a new book, “The Kelownan Story.”

It is being released this week in three editions by the Kelownia Booksellers Association, an independent publisher of book titles.

The book includes a new introduction by the city’s former mayor, and a new bibliography of works and publications by former and current Kelownians.

In the introduction, Kelownian author Ken McLean recounts the story of how his father and uncle, former city council members and other Kelowni politicians helped shape Kelown’s political landscape.

He was a founding member of Kelonia, the largest city in British Columbia. “

He is the longest-serving member of my family.

He was a founding member of Kelonia, the largest city in British Columbia.

He had the honour of leading the opposition in the 1982 election to elect the first female mayor in the history of British Columbia.”

He goes on to recount how his late uncle and his father helped build Kelown into a city that was one of the most successful cities in the world.

The introduction also features a history of how Kelown was named for the city of two lakes that lie near the Canadian border.

Keloning was also known as the place of refuge for people from Kelown, a place for Aboriginal peoples, the place where First Nations were established and the place that gave rise to the First Nations language, Kelonese.

“The history of Keloning is a remarkable one,” said McLean.

“It is an amazing tale of change, of how a city grew into a community of people who lived in peace and prosperity and were a centre of life in British Canada.”

“It’s not just a story of the first ever woman mayor, but the first woman mayor from a city other than Kelown,” said Kelon resident, Sherry Liknes.

She said the city was always full of promise.

“I know a lot of Kelowans who have a great deal of pride in their city, but that pride was really tempered by the fact that a lot didn’t work out as planned, a lot was lost, and I think there are a lot that still don’t know how they got there.”

Sherry and her husband, Bob, moved to Kelown in 1975.

She now lives in Kelown and runs a company that helps businesses connect with their customers.

Sherry, a lifelong resident of Keloway First Nation, says she was very excited to find out about the book when she started researching it.

“When I found out that this book was being published, I was very much looking forward to it,” she said.

“Kelown has been a place that has allowed me to become a part of history.”

Kelon was founded in 1868 by the French and the British colonists who landed there.

It was later annexed by the United States.

In 1920, the city and surrounding area were incorporated into the province of British Colombia.

The first official census took place in 1892.

In 1914, the First Nation of Kelony, or Koyuga, was established in what is now the town of Kelontan.

In 1917, the Kelontans became the first First Nation in Canada.

In 1919, the province became a territory of Canada and was incorporated into Canada.

“As a city, Kelonta is an integral part of the larger Kelownes First Nation and the Kelonoose.

The First Nation is very much a part and parcel of the entire city of Canada,” said Mayor Kevin McLean, who is also a member to the Kelondys Council of Chiefs.

“We have an integrated relationship with the Keloans and we do the best that we can with it.”

The Kelontas people are proud of the history that Kelontana has had.

In a way, the history they have has been the story that this city has been telling all along.

“You can tell it is not about a place but the story it tells,” said Sherry.

“They have been the pioneers, the ones who took over from the French who had been

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