Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is calling for a major overhaul of how the agency manages the information it collects and uses.

In a letter to the FCC, Pai wrote that “we have been making progress” in making information that is collected by the agency “consistent with a modern, open and accountable internet.”

But he also said the commission’s approach is “outdated and insufficient.”

“As the Chairman has stated many times, there is a need for an update of how information is collected and used,” Pai wrote.

Pai is proposing to establish a new, more “flexible” model for how information collected by federal agencies is used. “

If you want to know what to do next, please contact me at your earliest convenience.”

Pai is proposing to establish a new, more “flexible” model for how information collected by federal agencies is used.

Under the new model, the agency would use its powers under the law to create new data that would then be used by the companies that are the subject of the request.

In some cases, the data would be provided directly by the government.

“As I’ve stated before, the Federal Communications Commissions mission is to create a secure and fair, transparent, and accountable communications environment for Americans and to ensure that the government does not abuse its power to limit the information consumers have access to,” Pai said.

“It is important that the Federal Government and the Federal agencies that administer our networks do so in a way that protects Americans and protects the economy and the freedom of speech.”

The FCC’s proposed changes could lead to significant changes to how data is collected.

Currently, the FCC collects information on nearly a million of its customers and other entities, including those who are subject to lawsuits over privacy violations.

Pai is also proposing that the FCC create a new data-sharing system to allow agencies to share the data it collects on individual customers.

The new data sharing would allow agencies “to share aggregated information about a particular user’s activity and to provide aggregate data on a particular consumer’s activity in aggregate form.”

The proposal would also require agencies to ensure “adequate and accurate” data about individuals to be collected.

In addition, the proposal would allow federal agencies to obtain and use data from third-party websites for advertising purposes.

“A new model of data sharing, based on a more flexible approach to data sharing that allows agencies to provide greater transparency to the public about the use of their data and for agencies to gain more insight into their usage, is needed to ensure the privacy, security and transparency of the information that we collect and to protect our economy and our consumers,” Pai added.

Pai has previously suggested that the data sharing process could be changed to allow the government to collect information on consumers more broadly.

In October, Pai announced plans to roll back the FCC’s new data collection practices, including the data collection on its customers.

In the letter, Pai also called for a “fundamental reform” of the way the FCC deals with the use and abuse of data.

“To that end, I’m proposing that: (1) the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) establish an independent Privacy Advisory Committee to investigate the privacy implications of the FCCs proposed data-collection practices; (2) the FCC implement an annual review of data collection and sharing practices to ensure they are appropriate and appropriate for the purposes of the agency; and (3) the commission implement an independent process for reviewing the use, disclosure and use of information from third parties,” Pai continued.

“These reforms will protect the privacy of our customers, help our economy thrive and support innovation and growth,” Pai told reporters at the time.

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