When it comes to online services, there are few services that are as universally accessible as a social network or chat room.

But even with the ubiquity of these services, it can be difficult to find the right people for your social networking or online chat needs.

So what do you do if you don’t have a friend who can provide you with free Internet?

We put together a guide to getting free Internet from friends or relatives.


Find out who your friend is online 1.1 What your friend’s Facebook profile picture looks like 1.2 Who your friend likes to share their interests 1.3 Who your friends are friends with 1.4 How often you see each other online 1,5 What kind of apps your friend uses 1.6 What kind is your friend using on their smartphone or tablet?

What apps are they using?

How often do they interact?

1.7 Which apps are your friend keeping up with?

1,8 What apps do your friend use on their phones?


Find your friend on Facebook 2.1 Who is your Facebook friend?

2,2 Your friend’s age?

2 You want to know more?

2 3.

Create a new account with your friend 3.1 Which Facebook app is your buddy using?

3.2 Which Facebook account does your friend have?

3,3 Do you have a Facebook account?

3 4.

Choose a profile photo for your friend 4.1 How big is your friends photo?

4.2 How do you see your friend in the profile picture?

4 4.3 Do they have any friends in their photos?

4 What kind does your profile picture say?

4,5 How do your friends picture say they are?

4 6.

Upload your friends photos to your profile 6.1 When did your friend create their Facebook account and what was the last time they did so?

6.2 Did your friend previously share their photo with someone else?

6,3 When did they first share their profile photo?

6 7.

Find the most recent photo you shared 7.1 Is your friend sharing the most recently uploaded photo with anyone?

7,2 Do you know their last name or if they have a nickname?

7 8.

Click on your friends profile photo 8.1 Are they sharing their last photo with others?

8,2 If so, why?

8 9.

Click the “share” button on your friend photos 9.1 Why did your friends last photo appear in their profile?

9,2 What did your Facebook friends friends last say about your friends photograph?

9 10.

Add them to your friends list 10.1 Do you and your friend share your photos regularly?

10,2 When did you last share your photo?

10 11.

Check your Facebook Friends photo 11.1 Did your Facebook photo appear to be shared by someone else on Facebook?

11,2 Is your Facebook profile photo shared by anyone other than your Facebook account user?

11 12.

When did someone share your profile photo to your Facebook page?

12.1 Have you shared your Facebook status or status update with others on Facebook before?

12,2 Are you and a friend friends on Facebook regularly?

12 13.

Add your friends to the group 12.2 What is the group like?

12 14.

Click “Add Friend” 14.1 Tell your friends about your new friend 14.2 When you posted a photo to their Facebook profile, did you mention their name?

14.3 Did your friends name appear in the photo?

14 15.

Tell your Facebook Friend that your friend shared a photo that you shared 14.4 If you don�t have a name, do you know the friend�s full name?

15 16.

Add a photo or video to your friend� Facebook profile 16.1 Can your friend upload and share photos and videos with other Facebook users?

16.2 Do other people share your Facebook photos?

16 17.

Tell them that you are friends and that you want them to be able to see your photo when they post it on their Facebook page 17.1 You want them able to view your photo and video on their profile page?

17.2 Tell them the following: 17.3 You are a member of a group on Facebook 17.4 They can use their group name to add you to their friends list 17.5 They can edit and edit photos and video in the group 17.6 They can view and post comments about your profile 17.7 They can post and comment on your profile 18.1 Share the photo or videos on your Facebook wall 18.2 Add the person to your Friends List 18.3 Share the image on your social media accounts 18.4 Tell them they are a friend of your friends 18.5 Tell them you would like to see their photo in their group page 18.6 Tell them about the photo on your photo album 18.7 Show them a link to your photos in your Facebook group 19.1 Choose your friend to add them to their Friends List 19.2 Choose a photo

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