A number of tweets about the national team are causing concern among some supporters in Italy, with some calling for a ban on the tweets.

The messages are coming from a Twitter account that is reportedly belonging to a former player who is now a member of the national football team.

The tweet that caused a lot of controversy is one calling for Italian football to be “swamped by Jews” that includes the words “I am anti-Semite” and the hashtag #faggots.

It also uses a picture of the player’s face with a caption that reads: “I hate all Jews”.

However, the tweet was not sent by a member from the team, but rather by a player who was part of the team at the time.

The tweets were posted on July 10, with the date and time of the game at 1:14pm local time.

It came at a time when a number of anti-Semitic and racist attacks had been made in Italy.

Italy has been on high alert following the attacks in Paris and Brussels, and the country’s football federation, ASF, has said it will review all anti-racism measures taken.

There have also been reports of anti to anti-Jewish incidents across Italy, including at a football match in Turin on Thursday.

A football match between Juventus and Lazio was also cancelled in the wake of the attacks.

The players involved have been issued with yellow cards for their part in the incident.

“The tweet which is causing such a problem is in no way anti-semitic,” tweeted Marcello Lippi, a former Serie A player and former assistant to the president of the Italian national team, Stefano Pioli.

“In fact, it is very important to say that the people responsible are part of a team and they are entitled to speak their minds and share their opinions with other people, especially in a football game.

The statement from the ASF comes amid heightened concern about anti-Semitism in Italy following a number or incidents that have targeted the Roma community.

On Monday, a Jewish couple were allegedly stabbed in a Roma suburb.

Earlier in the week, a Muslim man was reportedly attacked and left for dead on the streets of Milan after being accused of being a “racist”.

In a statement on Wednesday, the ASM said it would review its anti-discrimination measures, which included “the use of the term anti-fascists”.

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